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Senior Driver Safety

Older Americans today are healthier and more active than ever before. The aging baby boomer generation is the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. By 2030, there will be more than 70 million people age 65 and older, and approximately 85-90 percent of them will be licensed to drive.

Car Crashes

When you examine car crashes, you must understand one thing, they just don’t happen. Driving skills are becoming less important as we head to more and more ridiculous safety features. If you want to decrease traffic crashes, take the millions invested in driverless cars and put that money into creating better drivers.

Safety Issues and Recalls

Here at the American Safety Institute we want you to be as safe on the road as possible. There’s a lot that happens during driving that is outside our control and the mechanical conditions of your car can be one.

ATSSA Traffic Convention and Expo 2019

This once-a-year showcase is a unique opportunity to meet the greater TraffiCalm team face to face and to see how we are engineering solutions to address industry problems.

Pedestrians In Danger

It’s getting harder to be a pedestrian in Tampa Bay — and the Sunshine State. A Dangerous by Design report from the advocacy organization, Smart Growth America, the region is among the top 10 deadliest places for pedestrians. Florida, where 5,433 pedestrian deaths...

National Safety Month

Every June in the United States most people are getting ready for barbecues, beaches and summertime fun. However, individuals in the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) industry are ramping up for National Safety Month.

Is it Legal to Pass a City Bus?

You’re driving on a two-lane road and stopped behind a city bus. Is it legal to pass? If that had been a school bus, it clearly would have been illegal, and the lights and signs on the bus would have made that abundantly clear. However, the rules are different for city buses.

Does Speeding Really Get You There Faster?

ow many times while driving on the highway do other drivers fly pass you and you are going at or at least 10 mph over the posted speed limit? To me it happens very often that in a span of about five miles I believe about 25 or more cars would have passed me like I am hardly moving.

Ever Wonder Why School Buses Stop at Railroad Crossings?

Any person driving a school bus and approaching a railroad-highway grade crossing shall stop within 50 feet but not less than 15 feet from the nearest rail of such railroad and shall not proceed until he or she can do so safely when a highway sign is indicating that a train is approaching or when the driver can hear or see an approaching train.

Use Your Turn Signals!

Perhaps it is time for a bit of empirical evidence. According to a study by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International…